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Design with BANG! and bite

We design to add structure. To ally with content. To affect the world around us in a purposeful and civil way.

At PWGE we will help you achieve your goals in tailoring your brand to reflect the values and mission of your organization. We are a full service shop that can provide you and your organization with the design strategy it needs to be successful. Our services include web, print, and packaging design, Information architecture, usability analysis and social media strategy.

Our promise to you, our potential customer, is to provide exceptional value, concise and effective communication, and a sincere willingness to value your input into the design process.

Warren Neily has been in the design business for over 15 years. Although Trained in “Electronic Communication and Design” at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Warren has maintained a firm grasp of both traditional print and online interactive design. Warren has a proven track record in UX design, information architecture, and general usability practises.

A maker by heart, Warren has been hoarding machinery, gears, electronic du-dads, switches and screws for use in various inventions and grand schemes. He is currently looking at backyard blacksmithing as a new avenue of discovery.

Warren Lives in Pitt Meadows BC. with his lovely wife, his talented son and daughter,  an orange cat (Easy-Goin Rusty), a determined Jack Russel (or…JERK Russel) Terrier, and a sweet yellow lab that refuses to fetch ducks.

Contact Warren

Phone: 604-657-2365

Email: warren[at]pistolsandwhiskey[dot]com




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